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  1. The Pain Paradox

    When we feel numb, disconnected or disoriented and feel those ripples of pain we have to stop and take time to be with our best "self" and reflect.
  2. Psychopath Free Book Released!

    Psychopath Free is a recovery handbook, guiding survivors through the nightmare of psychopathic relationships from beginning to end.
  3. Letting Go of Guilt and Shame

    The people who mattered the most knew that I did the best I could with what I had to work with and they accepted the hand that was extended to them.
  4. Lonely? Maybe I just wasn't accustomed to these things called "Peace and Quiet"

    I didn't recognize that tension for what it was. All that drama caused me to walk around with my body stiff, though I didn't realize it.
  5. On Hypersensitivity

    Rather than it being a compensatory mechanism, it's okay to be very careful about potential future romantic (and i would include non-romantic) relationships.
  6. How to Stop Obsessing

    The way to stop it is to 'retrain' your brain to think of other things, to give it a chance to rewire the neurons to more healthy "tracks".
  7. Psychopaths and Projection

    Psychopaths project and blame you for what they themselves do, like accuse you of being negative when they are usually the most negative person you've ever met.
  8. Grooming is Not Always Idealization: Indirect Persuasion

    Using indirect persuasion, psychopaths are able to make subtle suggestions that will ultimately be accepted by their victims. And they seem innocent.
  9. New Pain After the Darkness

    After the psychopathic experience, life seems to stand still for a bit. We pour all of our energy into research, validation, and healing.
  10. No Contact

    We stress "No Contact" here. There are good reasons for it, and this method of taking back your life and sanity is accepted and recommended by all professionals