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  1. Personal Responsibility

    I've been abused. I've been lied to. I've been cheated on, manipulated, used, and then discarded when my 'use value' diminished. These things are not my fault.
  2. The Most Boring Human Being on the Planet

    It also took me a long time to realize that this man was truly the most boring individual I had ever had the misfortune to encounter.
  3. Trauma & the Two Worlds

    The most important thing to remember for all trauma survivors: there is nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful. You were thrown into an impossible situation.
  4. Sympathy for the Devil

    Cute. Adorable. Baby. You’ll often hear these adjectives used to describe a psychopath. It’s all part of the charm. Not arrogance and superiority.
  5. 10 Warning Signs of Word Salad

    When they’re feeling threatened or bored, psychopaths will often use what’s called “word salad” as an attempt to regain control over you.
  6. Why Do Psychopaths Put Us On The Defense?

    The psychopath sits back, relaxes, and enjoys the show. They calmly point to the hysterical victim and say “Jeez, that poor, crazy person…”
  7. Please Let Go Of The Idea That The Psychopath Has "Won"

    Someday, when the crazy-making is finished and you're on your way to recovery, you're going to realize that the psychopath wins nothing.
  8. The Transitional Target

    Psychopaths are always on the prowl, we know this. But after a longer, more "substantial" relationship, they are usually seeking to take out their hatred.
  9. 4 Reasons for the Cruel Breakup

    The D&D is the psychopath’s most damaging form of emotional (and sometimes physical) abuse, but it also reveals something else: his accidental respect for you.
  10. Sexual Manipulation

    Like everything else, the psychopath mirrors our deepest sexual desires. That’s why it feels so incredibly passionate and flawless when you’re together.