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  1. "Too Busy": When Sociopaths Have Time for Everyone Except You

    Narcissists and sociopaths make you feel needy and clingy, acting as if you're crazy for trying to continue the dynamic they created.
  2. What If They're Not A Sociopath? What If It's All My Fault?

    All of us deserve to find, in our hearts and from our spirits, a sense of unconditional love & self-forgiveness.
  3. Working Beyond Numbness After Emotional Abuse

    With psychological trauma, survivors are often (unknowingly) cut off from their own emotions, in order to protect them from the sheer intensity of the abuse.
  4. Letting Go of Resentment After Psychological Abuse

    Narcissists and sociopaths naturally cause a great deal of anger in their targets, because they are so intentional and remorseless in their abuse.
  5. Say Goodbye to the Sociopath

    The more one says "Goodbye" the more one's emotions will get on board with the mind's knowledge that this is the BEST course of action.
  6. "How Can I Stop Thinking About the Sociopath / Narcissist?"

    Analysis and education about the abuser are essential to understanding what happened, but once that is done, your attention is most needed inwardly.
  7. The Psychopath's Game: Gaslighting Through Silent Treatment

    Psychopaths abhor making other people happy, but it's something they have to do to continue the game and keep you confused and playing along.
  8. Narcissists & Jealousy: Working With Difficult Emotions

    It's okay and normal to feel jealous after someone triangulates, compares, and replaces you with other partners
  9. Trusting & Opening Your Heart After Emotional Abuse

    After emotional abuse, we may build a protective layer around our heart, to prevent the same hurt from ever happening again. This is only a temporary solution.
  10. Admitting Your Pain Doesn't Mean The Sociopath "Wins"

    When we focus on the suffering underneath our distractions, "winning" isn't even a valid concept anymore.