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Healing and Recovery

Recovering from emotional abuse is a slow process, but ultimately incredibly rewarding as you begin to discover boundaries, self-respect, and love.

  1. "How Can I Stop Thinking About the Sociopath / Narcissist?"

    Analysis and education about the abuser are essential to understanding what happened, but once that is done, your attention is most needed inwardly.
  2. Narcissists & Jealousy: Working With Difficult Emotions

    It's okay and normal to feel jealous after someone triangulates, compares, and replaces you with other partners
  3. Trusting & Opening Your Heart After Emotional Abuse

    After emotional abuse, we may build a protective layer around our heart, to prevent the same hurt from ever happening again. This is only a temporary solution.
  4. Admitting Your Pain Doesn't Mean The Sociopath "Wins"

    When we focus on the suffering underneath our distractions, "winning" isn't even a valid concept anymore.
  5. Long-Term Effects of Psychological Abuse on the Body & Subconscious Mind

    We are ripped away from the ability to love freely, openly, and fully. Instead, we are programmed with ideas of betrayal and unworthiness.
  6. 4 Things No Contact Does For You

    No Contact is vital to a successful healing journey for one main reason, it works. It’s been proven time and time again.
  7. Forgiveness After Psychological Abuse: The Challenges & Benefits

    When you forgive, you open those hands, let your heart out to love again, freely and confidently. Why? Because evil cannot defeat you.
  8. Psychopath Free Book Now Available in Barnes & Noble Stores Everywhere!

    I am so excited to share that the Psychopath Free book is now available in Barnes & Noble stores everywhere, and many other bookstores around the globe!
  9. Letting Your Inner Child Protect You From Abuse, Self-Doubt, and Fear

    There’s something within you that feels good and kind. I’d like to learn more about that person. I’d like to figure out how you came to be drowning.
  10. Psychopaths Cannot Heal & Change, But Empathetic People Always Can

    The ones without love or empathy or basic human kindness. They are the outliers, the aliens and the interlopers.