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Warning Signs

Red flags and warning signs of sociopaths, narcissists, and psychopaths in relationships. These common patterns can help you to identify and avoid similar abuse in the future.

  1. 3 Characters in The Psychopath's Love Triangle

    Think about the amount of calculation & planning it must take to pull this off. They are cunning, cold, and very aware of their own behavior.
  2. The Manipulator's 6 Steps to Idealization

    The idealization phase in a psychopathic relationship will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You will be swept off of your feet.
  3. What Emotions Do Sociopaths Feel?

    They are good at imitation and impression management. They spend their entire lives watching people, mimicking and mirroring them.
  4. 30 Red Flags of Manipulative People

    1. You feel on-edge around this person, but you still want them to like you. You find yourself writing off most of their questionable behavior as accidental.
  5. Grooming is Not Always Idealization: Indirect Persuasion

    Using indirect persuasion, psychopaths are able to make subtle suggestions that will ultimately be accepted by their victims. And they seem innocent.
  6. 10 Warning Signs of Word Salad

    When they’re feeling threatened or bored, psychopaths will often use what’s called “word salad” as an attempt to regain control over you.
  7. Beware of the Vultures

    Usually these faux-caring people feed off of drama and an insatiable need to be appreciated by others. You don't need these kinds of people in your life.