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Healing and Recovery

Recovering from emotional abuse is a slow process, but ultimately incredibly rewarding as you begin to discover boundaries, self-respect, and love.

  1. 5 Boundaries for Survivors of a Psychopathic Relationship

    During the relationship, boundaries were destroyed and our identities were reduced so much that we hardly recognized ourselves. The lines were so blurred.
  2. Working Through Rage After Abuse

    Anger is usually perceived as a "bad" emotion. Most of us are taught not to talk about it or even acknowledge it. We are taught to stuff it down into our hearts
  3. More Light Than Dark

    When we realize that the impressions we had of the psychopaths were not real, and were in fact the opposite of the truth, our eyes are opened up to a new life.
  4. It Could Not Have Ended Any Other Way

    In the end, it really wasn't you, it was the psychopath. You tried to deal openly, honestly, and lovingly with someone who exploited that.
  5. Healing the Body After Abuse

    When we are in a constant state of fight or flight, it gets more serious and is not good for our health; in fact it can have very serious consequences.
  6. Dear Psychopath

    I pity you because you are a soulless creature whose only joy is causing confusion and pain. How tiresome it must be to balance so many different lies.
  7. Finally Free: The Courage to Be Me

    In the place of all the negativity, the real me is forming through a positive affirmation that I am finally free.
  8. Trust After Emotional Abuse

    When we have faith in ourselves, we also have faith in humanity. So there is hope and happiness to be found on the other side of the darkness.
  9. It's Not About You

    I choose to save my compassion for those who are capable of reciprocating it. Every one of us is here today because we want to find self-respect & happiness.
  10. Discovering the Beauty We've Always Had

    We cannot circle around the pain and discover the happiness we deserve. We must travel through the pain and embrace all of the challenging feelings.